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Tax refund 4 tourist

Tourist VAT Refund - Refund V.A.T

( The conent as show at website. )

Tourist VAT refund procedure

According to the existing arrangement Israeli tourist ( not an Israeli citizen and Israeli passport ) can get VAT refund in respect of certain purchases made in Israel .

First . Eligibility for VAT is contingent on the following conditions :

1.1 . Will be entitled to a VAT refund tourist visa to a " 2 " , " in 3 " or " 4 " ( B2/B3/B4 or by order or permit ) which is present in Israel in accordance visa .

1.2 . The purchase was made in - business, approved by the Israel Tax Authority and the Ministry of Tourism as - a business arrangement included a VAT refund ( door or window of a house - the business will have a sticker indicating the arrangement being included ) , and you receive a tourist " dedicated VAT refund document " from tourists " (the " designated document " )

1.3 . The total amount of the purchase ( one dedicated document ) over 400 ₪ including VAT.

1.4 . Goods purchased for personal use only and not commercial quantity amount .

1.5 . Find the goods outside Israel .

1.6 . Goods are food, beverages or tobacco in respect of which VAT refund will not be granted .

Two . It is hereby clarified that the right to receive a VAT refund depends accurate and complete filling of the above conditions as well as accurate and complete listing of all the details of the designated document and presentation bag containing the goods , before the official return , when it is closed .

Three . It is clarified that the eligibility for refund is subject to the Israeli Tax Authority directives as may arise from time to time and the applicant will not be refund claims against the official refund and / or directors (the " Concessionaire " ) , in the case where it is determined by the listing agent that the applicant is not entitled to a VAT refund according to these guidelines .

Four . In case of doubt as to entitlement to a VAT refund , the franchisee is the only arbiter in accordance with the Israeli Tax Authority .

Five . Without limiting the foregoing , the VAT refund will be made only against a designated document when the goods packed in sealed plastic bag . Invoice only without a designated document will not refund VAT whatsoever .

Six . Concessionaire shall not be liable for any direct or indirect , caused and / or caused to tourists due to any act and / or omission of his and / or the business traveler purchased the goods in respect of which refund is requested , including due to the failure to fulfill full details of the appropriate forms and / or filling inaccurate information .

Seven . Exclusive jurisdiction with regard to VAT refunds made by the concessionaire , shall be subject only to the court in Jerusalem and applicable laws are the laws of the State of Israel .

How to VAT refund

First . When purchasing goods from stores included one arrangement VAT refund , make sure you get copy from the designated when all the details have been filled correctly , including details personalities including exact address . Has to put the original purchase invoice designated document .

Two . Make sure that the goods and the dedicated screen inserted into the bag closed. There should not open the bag until you reach the VAT refund counter , placed at exit points from Israel.

Three . The actual VAT refund is performed after border control . Accordingly, if you plan to deposit the goods Bmtanc , you should contact the VAT refund position before the security check in order to deliver the goods before the security check procedure .

Four . Are departing from Ben - Gurion Airport or Airport Fact , and with goods that can not be uploaded cargo plane - a hand , will present the goods at the VAT refund located before security checks . Following official confirmation refund deposited goods sent cargo hold of the plane before boarding an aircraft . , clarified that the VAT refund for the goods it will be a tourist at the inner VAT return after beyond passport control .

Calculate the VAT refund

First . VAT refund will cap the amount of VAT paid on the acquisition by one of the currencies : ₪ / Dollar / Euro - Exchange rate by the Bank of Israel on the day of return .

Two . Amount of the fees charged by the concessionaire for the tourist hands refund will be according to the table below:

Purchase amount of NIS including VAT

The VAT amount is included in the acquisition NIS


Three . Tourism Authority are four ways to return :

3.1 . Cash

3.2 . Credit card crediting

3.3 . Check

3.4 . EFT

Four . For the refund in cash, additional fee will be deducted at the rate of 1.99 % of the amount it would be entitled to receive tourists . This fee will be calculated after deducting the fee specified in the table above, with the .

Five . For the refund by bank transfer , additional fee will be deducted at 30.9 ₪ amount it would be entitled to receive tourists . This fee will be calculated after deducting the fee specified in the table above, with the .

For more information and inquiries, please contact the listing agent's offices:


Phone: 03-7280123

Fax: 03-7280124

To Contact Dugit Ltd regarding VAT Refunds, please contact:

Phone: 03-6045034

Thanks and Shalom from Israel.

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